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ITS ICT Piemonte

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ITS ICT Piemonte is a school that allows you to learn by doing. Thanks to expert teachers, advanced equipment, and about 2000 hours of course divided into two years, with 540 hours of internship in real work contexts.

The challenge

With the difficulties coming from the situation of the covid-19, it's essential to the client to show all courses available through a digital tour. The client's initial idea was to create a unique 20-minute video that explained everything the school is and offers as courses. The school's target, i.e., students between 20 and 30 years old, hardly have the patience to watch a long-lasting video. To maximize possible conversions, I proposed a breakdown of the macro themes by dividing them into a single video for each course. In this way, they will redirect the content by sponsoring social media to a much narrower and more interested target.

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