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Boomper, a rugged case and sound booster that squeezes volume out of your smartphone without giving up the design

• Boosts your smartphone's speaker by +10db
• Isolates your microphone from surroundings
• Makes your voice loud and crisp everywhere
• Great protection with light and durable material

Sound test

Producing a real-life test was really important to give the end customer a realistic perspective of the product.

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Boomper in real life

Contextualizing Boomper in a real environment helps potential clients know where they can use it.

Reaction Video

It's difficult to relate when we speak about audio perception. We thought it would be perfect recording random people's reactions in our town. Listen with headphones for a better experience.

Lifestyle product

We shot and designed branded content playing with different brand payoffs.

Kickstarter Promo Video

The promotional video was shot before I joined the team. I edited, animated, and subtitled it to allows users to watch it without audio too.

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